8 Ways to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

It’s New Year’s Eve, and whilst that means fun and celebrations for most of us, this evening can be a stressful night of the year for your dog due to fireworks. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can help to make your pet feel more calm and relaxed.

Keep Them Indoors

Try to keep your dog indoors throughout the evening.

Minimise The Noise

Close blinds, curtains and windows to minimise the noise and light effects of the fireworks.

Stay With Them

Try to avoid leaving your pet on their own and distract them with a game or toy.

Give Them Somewhere to Hide

Make an effort to provide them with somewhere to hide, eg. under a table or bed, with extra bedding.

Drown Out The Noise

Playing music or the TV at a louder volume than normal will help to block out some of the noise.

Make Them Identifiable

Make sure your dog is wearing a name tag in case they run away.

Use Specialised Products

Products can help to reduce your dog’s anxiety during this time such as diffusers and sprays.

Feed a High-Carb Meal

Feeding your dog a stodgy, high-carb meal will make them more sleepy and calm.

Hopefully your furry friends can now be a little more relaxed tonight and see in the New Year happily. Don’t forget to book online for the dog walking field to give your dog a fun run around to help them de-stress.

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