St. Francis & Cornwall RGT Christmas Appeal

As everyone knows we love christmas and start early, so we would like to spread the cheer and love. So ourselves and the lovely people at 1 2 3 Taxis Newquay (Opposite the Maharajah Indian Restaurant) will be opening our doors to receive and collect as much as possible for these 2 lovely local dog charities:

St. Francis Home For Animals

St. Francis Home For Animals in Porth would love anything anything from balls, leads, beds, tins of chappie, treats etc.

Cornwall Branch of The Retired Greyhound Trust (Cornwall RGT)

Cornwall Greyhound Trust collect shoe boxes filled with gifts each year (again, collars, balls, treats etc) or anything else you think they would love too.

We will take lots of pictures of anything we recieve and will post to our page. Many, many thanks to you all.

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