A Brief Guide to Getting a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits make excellent pets, with approximately 0.9 million living as pets in UK households. They’re curious, intelligent and social animals that are perfect for experienced keepers as well as first time owners. We’ve created this quick guide on what you should know about keeping a rabbit as a pet.

Living Conditions

Rabbits are very flexible and can either live outdoors in a hutch, or live indoors in a pen or as a free-roaming pet. If being housed outdoors, they will need a secure, large hutch filled with hay and a run. Indoor bunnies need a litter tray and an indoor hutch or pen to call home. Rabbits should be able to graze on a lawn every day. Make sure your home is free from any hazards, such as electrical wires that your bunny may chew through, and ensure there are no toxic plants (which includes most house plants and many garden plants) within reach of your new pet.


Grass and hay should make up the majority of your rabbit’s diet. In fact, they need grass for their digestive system to function normally. Leafy greens and weeds are also an essential part of your rabbit’s diet. You can also feed your bunny fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure you’re aware of what foods are poisonous to your rabbit. Tomato leaves, corn and potatoes are all toxic!


Rabbits should really be kept in pairs. In the wild, rabbits live in large groups, so they get lonely and depressed on their own. Whilst rabbits are friendly and love human interaction, it’s no substitute for a rabbit friend of their own. The best pairing is a spayed female and a neutered male. Rabbits need lots of love and attention from their owners, and they love a cuddles!


Rabbits need cleaning out, feeding and grooming every day, so they require a lot of your time. Whilst they’re fairly independent and can be left on their own whilst you’re at work, they will enjoy daily interaction and attention. When you go on holiday, someone will need to look after them whilst you’re away. Our Small Pet Hotel is the perfect place to bring your rabbit (or other small pets) when you go on holiday.

Overall, rabbits are very rewarding pets and are perfect for all ages. They’re more independent than many other pets and their calm nature makes them a great companion.




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